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Conditions for Registration of a SPA Centre

In issue number 11 of the State Gazette (“SG”) as of 9th February 2016, the Ordinance on the terms and conditions for certification of “balneo-medical (Medical SPA) centre”, “SPA centre”, “wellness centre” and “thalassotherapy centre” (“the Ordinance”) was promulgated. The present article will acquaint you with the major changes in the legislation, as well as with regulations adopted for the activities listed above.

You can read the full article HERE. [1]

The article above is intended for information purposes only by drawing your attention to some of the newly introduced amendments of the legal requirements to SPA centres. It should not be construed as (binding) legal advice. For a thorough understanding of the subjects covered and prior acting on any issue discussed we kindly recommend Readers consult BWSP Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm Hotels & Leisure team.

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