While providing legal services, Ms. Diliana Ilieva, Attorney at Law, was involved in working groups with the National Assembly and / or non-governmental organizations such as ABRO and / or the executive bodies such as the Gambling Commission and others in relation to amendments in the media legislation in Bulgaria, amendments to the Gambling Act, the Health Act, the Electronic Communications Act and others. Such analysis is an integral part of the assessment of a sector and without proper analysis of the existing legal framework an accurate assessment of the risk and problematic areas could not be performed and hence the necessary steps for improvement of the regulatory framework cannot be established. Practical changes in the legislation, based on the analysis mentioned above and reports that were prepared were made, as great part of them are now included in the legislation of the sector.

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This is to express our satisfaction and the company I represent, Impala Invest BV received from the work of "Ilieva Voutcheva & Co" Law Firm as well as from the attorneys-at-law Rossitsa Voutcheva and Diavena Kalcheva in particular. I would like to recommend the Law Firm and the lawyers for the services they provide on legislation research and legal analysis of the food industry in connection with proceedings before the Commission for Protection of Competition for justification of upcoming mergers of Impala Invest BV. and its related companies. In particular, the analyses covered the regulations in the dairy industry, the meat production and processing industry, flour, pasta, confectionery industry, oil and vegetable oils, manufacturing of confectionery fats, and more. Some of the services of the Law Firm include the development of detailed analyses of the legislation and methods of operation of the merging companies to successfully demonstrate that the upcoming legal transactions will not distort fair competition and concentration legislation as stipulated in the Protection of Competition Act. The work described above was decisive for the protection of the interests as well as the achievement of the long-term goals of Impala Invest BV and its related companies. In particular, the high quality, completeness and accuracy of the services provided, give reasons for the company I represent to recommend the Law Firm and the attorneys Rossitsa Voutcheva and Diavena Kalcheva as excellent professionals meeting the highest professional standards of the legal practice."

CEO of Impala Invest B.V.
I remember that you asked me to give you our feedback on the Bulgarian law firm that you referred us to in July. We worked with them on a distribution agreement and were very happy. The two professionals are both very prompt in the assistance and competent. A real plus was that with our counterpart (Metro) they gave us a very practical advice that saved everybody a lot of time and trouble. So, thank you so much. Our review is “highly recommended” for distribution agreements.

Attorney-at-law European Law Committee of the Section of International Law and Practice

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Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm was established back in 2003 as a joint partnership between Dilyana Ilieva and Rossitsa Voutcheva, attorneys-at-law with Sofia Bar Association. Since then the Law Firm united a team of 15 lawyers and paralegal staff committed to provision of high class legal services. We are reliable and trustworthy professionals.