Music and Entertainment

We apply our theoretical knowledge in intellectual property law, commercial and contract law in the music and entertainment business. The music industry is constantly evolving. It requires a law firm that can draw from its knowledge of the past while remaining fluent in the language of the future. We excel on both counts, which is why our clients trust us with the protection of their rights.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Drafting/negotiating record label contracts
  • Drafting/negotiating contracts for live performances
  • Drafting/negotiating contracts for film music
  • Composers copyright
  • Drafting/negotiating contracts for managers, agents, promoters, studios and session musicians
  • Drafting/negotiating distribution contracts
  • Drafting/negotiating music publishing contracts
  • Copyright/intellectual property rights protection – filing lawsuits when required
  • Draft/negotiate contracts for music placement

The Tax Department provides specific advice on taxation of income from intellectual property rights and personal income tax of musicians, songwriters, authors and other individuals gaining revenue throughout intellectual property and digital rights. We advise on the specific taxation requirements for online provided services. Acknowledging the international nature of today’s music and entertainment industry, our tax team provides comprehensive tax advisory services on the application of double tax treaties. Our lawyers provide representation before the National Revenue Agency and the respective courts in litigation cases to corporate and individual clients.

Thanks to our involvement in Globalaw, our clients can rely on our contacts with law firms in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in more than 80 countries around the world.