Restaurants and Clubs

Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm is familiar with the dynamics and specifics of this sector. We have represented businesses within the restaurant and clubs industry thereby compiling an impressive portfolio of leading restaurateur clients including restaurant chains and well known nightclubs. We are always ready to give adequate and competent advice from the diverse services we provide, which include:

  • Liquor licensing
  • Statutory licensing
  • Commercial property
  • Leases
  • Labour safety conditions
  • Sanitary requirements
  • Franchising
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures and пartnerships
  • Litigation
  • Advising on organising and holding PR and other events
  • Advising on the copyrights during participation of actors, musicians and other artist at events held at restaurants and clubs
  • Relations with state and municipal authorities

Our IP team is a trusted consultant in the process of development and protection of trademark and industrial designs in the practice area. We consider that aspect of the business is of great importance for each client due to the intense market competition. We consult on protection of design and operation of web-sites and online platforms taking into consideration all legal requirements for online presence and e-commerce. We provide innovative service for consulting on all aspects of social media presence and advertisement of restaurants and clubs.

The Tax Department provides advice on tourist tax and VAT applicable for tourism as well as corporate tax. We have established an efficient team of tax litigation practitioners who represent our corporate and individual clients before the National Revenue Agency and the respective courts in litigation cases.

Throughout our participation in Globalaw our clients may rely on our close relations with law firms in Central and Eastern Europe as well as on our contacts in over 80 countries worldwide.