Creation of Promo Game General Terms and Conditions


The Law Firm was assigned by an advertising agency to provide legal advice regarding a Promo Game of internationally known product for the Bulgarian market. The promotion game included a specially developed Facebook application, indoor advertisement, and online advertisement for promoting sales of products, and rewording the participants in the game with different rewards. Sending a SMS was implemented in the game mechanism. Ms. Donika Ilieva and Ms. Rossitsa Voutcheva advised the advertisement agency on the application of legal requirements of Gambling Act, Protection of Competition Act, Protection of Customers Act and Personal Data Protection Act. Further we advised on Facebook Terms and Conditions for games, applications, pages and advertisement of promotional games (in the social media). We drafted General Terms and Conditions of the promotional game, advised on all promotional materials content and the ratio of the value of the purchased product to the value of the award received in order to comply with the requirement of protection of competition.

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