Quality Matter and copyrights covered by an agreement


Our client, A-SAP LTD, a leading interior design company in Bulgaria, initially contacted us regarding a dispute with a client. Following the successful outcome of the first case we were assigned with drafting a new commercial agreement for delivery of design services by the client. The main aims of the agreement were to protect the designer’s copyright as well as to observe the designer’s directions and the project requirements for the manufacturing process of the designed furniture and design elements. So as to decrease their expenses, many of the subcontractors would avoid the use of proper quality material in the manufacture of the designed furniture and decorations. Ilieva, Voutcheva and Co. Law Firm drafted and supplemented clauses to the agreement, containing mechanisms for copyright protection and the proper execution of its designs. We also participated in the intense negotiation process for execution of the agreement. As a result, the extraordinary interior of one of Sofia’s iconic restaurants is now a fact.

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