Real Estate and Construction

Bulgaria is a dynamic and rapidly developing real estate market. The market is developed by investment funds, Bulgarian and foreign developers and independent businessmen.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the market build the trust of our clients to find the best practical solutions in their real estate deals. The pragmatic use of our commercial judgment as well as the critical interpretation of the law are important in both small portfolio purchases and in more complex development and investment arrangements.

We have been involved and currently take part in some of the largest and most innovative investment transactions and infrastructure projects in Bulgaria. Real estate consulting is separated in two main divisions within the Law Firm:

consulting of corporate clients

Our team is equipped to deal with all real estate issues arising from corporate, banking and project/infrastructure transactions which we are involved in. We are fully capable to procure premium quality legal services throughout the entire process of real estate investments including:

  • advice on real estate transactions
  • construction and development
  • title due diligence, including the underground installations and infrastructure
  • conducting a property audit to review the property holdings and provisions of the respective town planning
  • financing of real estate acquisitions, securitization
  • joint venture arrangements
  • tax implications of real estate investments
  • SPV for real estate investments
  • advice and legal support throughout of developing process
  • sales structuring
  • management of real estate residential properties, commercial properties
  • environment deals
  • property litigation
  • hotels
  • restructuring of real estate projects facing financial difficulties
consulting of individual investors

Having us as your legal representatives in the acquisition process means that you will receive comprehensive advice on the related legislation and will be led through the possible pitfalls of Bulgarian real estate business. Our service will cover some or all of the listed below:

  • preliminary agreement, representation in negotiations with the owner/developer
  • management regulations for the respective residential complex
  • Power of Attorney and related documents
  • verify title ownership prior to the transfer
  • notary deed, formal conveyance
  • additional registrations of the acquisition
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