Insolvency Law

Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm has specialized in the area of insolvency. Our fluency and the experience allow us to act for any and all participants in the insolvency procedures as creditors (companies, banks or financial investors), insolvency practitioners or corporate debtors. Our team is competent to provide legal counsel in the following areas:

  • Planning, initiation and conduct of bankruptcy proceedings, including procedural representation before the court
  • Consultations and assistance in other stages of the insolvency procedure – suspension of a debtor company’s activity, claims for security measures, declaration of bankruptcy, discontinuance of judicial proceedings
  • Procedural representation of creditors in referral of claims before the insolvency court and in particular in referral of claims for repeal (nullifying transfers and claims of invalidation)
  • Appealing individual acts of the court in the insolvency procedure and procedural representation before the higher court
  • Debt and equity restructuring
  • Proposition of recovery plan
  • Asset and debt recovery and investigations
  • Asset restitution, property of third parties (their subtraction from the insolvency moment)
  • Sale of the commercial enterprise of the insolvent company, as well as sales of individual assets of the insolvent company, in accordance with the provisions of the law
  • Transaction support in acquisition of insolvent company
  • Corporate reorganization of indebted companies
  • Representation before the Insolvency Court
  • Representation before the creditors meeting and before the assignee in insolvency
  • Communication and negotiations with other creditors, with the assignee in insolvency and with the debtor

With the help of our tax team, we provide  comprehensive tax analyses of all possible transformation forms and their tax effects for the parties participating. We consult on VAT, corporate and individual taxation depending on the particular case.

As a result of our Globalaw membership, our clients may rely on our connection with law firms in Central and Eastern Europe as well as over 80 countries worldwide.