Real Estate and Construction

Bulgaria is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing real estate market in Europe even in the crisis economical situations. The reasons for this fact are the extremely alluring prices of the real estates in a state-meber of European Union on one side and economical and political stability of the country on the other side.The serious interest in the real estates is declared from investment funds, Bulgarian and foreign developers and individual persons. It has to be noted that there is a serious interest for investments agricultural lands in some regions of the country because of the good geographic and climatic conditions in Bulgaria. The membership of Bulgaria in the European Union on one side and the conditions for agriculture and stock-farming on the other side, creates a good opportunities to receive subsidies from different programmes of European Union.

Our in-depth market knowledge and experience build the trust of our clients to find the best practical solutions in their real estate deals. Using our commercial judgment, as well as advising on the law, is as important in a small portfolio purchase as it is in more complex developing and investment arrangements.

We have been involved and currently take part in some of the largest and most innovative development and investment transactions in Bulgaria as well as have been the lead lawyers for some infrastructure projects.

The real estate consulting is separated in two main divisions within the Law Firm:

consulting of corporate clients

  • Advice on real estate transactions structuring
  • Construction and development, including Detailed Zone Plan approval, land type change procedure, issuance of Building Permit, construction procedure, issuance of Use Permit
  • Acquisition of municipality or state real estate property including the legal possibilities for acquisition, tender procedure issues, etc.
  • Title due diligence, including the underground installations and infrastructure
  • Conducting a property audit to review the property holdings and provisions of the respective town planning
  • Financing of real estate acquisitions, securitization
  • Joint venture arrangements
  • Tax implications of real estate investments
  • SPV for real estate investments
  • Advice and legal support throughout of developing process
  • Sales structuring
  • Management of real estate residential properties, commercial properties
  • Environment
  • Property litigation
  • Hotels
  • Restructuring of real estate projects facing financial difficulties
  • Agricultural lands and law regulation with the view of usage of full potential
  • Protection, rights and restriction regarding the usage and disposal with agricultural lands

consulting of individual investors

We aim to procure to our individual clients a fully integrated and complex legal and administrative service while supporting their acquisitions of real estate in Bulgaria.

Having us as your legal representatives in the acquisition process means that you will receive comprehensive advice on the related legislation and will be lead through the possible pitfalls of Bulgarian real estate business. Our service will cover some or the all of the bellow listed:

  • Preliminary agreement, representation in negotiations with the owner/developer, signing and fulfillment
  • Management regulations for the respective residential complex
  • Preparation of Power of Attorney and related documents
  • Check of the title ownership prior the transfer
  • Check for encumbrances, real estate and obligatory rights of third parties
  • Notary deed, formal conveyance
  • Additional registrations of the acquisition
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