Arms and dual-use items

Dual-use items are goods, software and technology that can be used for both civilian and military applications. Whereas, all articles, devices and materials used for attacking or defending (arms, weapons, ammunitions) and all clothing, materials, and vehicles used in the exercise of a military activity (equipment) are grouped under the generic expression “defense-related products”.

Our experts actively provide highly qualified legal services for the defense industry including, but not limited to:

  • legal advice on the implementation of national and international regulations adopted on the export/transfer and control of defense-related products:
    • including a common set of assessment criteria and types of authorisations for the conduct of arms trade-related activities,
    • including but not limited to drafting of commercial, transport and other documents necessary for the issuance of export permits (individual, global and general permit) and licenses;
  • common EU lists of arms and dual-use items and their respective classification (specific categories and sub-categories), including the lists of restricted defense-related products falling under international treaties and conventions prohibiting the proliferation of weapons for mass destruction;
  • legal assistance and advice in connection with establishment of a legal form for development of commercial activity in the arms and dual-use products industry;
  • control of brokering arms and dual-use items and their transit through the EU;
  • specific control measures for exporters, such as record-keeping and keeping of separate registers of the transactions concluded;
  • authorisations regarding products whose development, characteristics, use and/or registration falls under the specific classified information protection regime;
  • day-to-day legal services related to the operation of companies,
    • conducting defense-related activities, including but not limited to drafting strategies for internal control systems and systems for compliance
    • management of the export and import/transfer of defense-related products