Registration and licensing of foreign arms trader in the Republic of Bulgaria


We established a joint-stock company in Bulgaria for the purposes of export of defense-related products (“DRPs”) manufactured in Bulgaria to third countries. The conduct of arms trading activities is strictly governed both by the Bulgarian and the European legislation. Moreover, the Republic of Bulgaria takes part in many international arrangements for cooperation including specific resolutions of the UNSC which provide for restrictions to selling DRPs to the certain third countries. Apart from this, the national regulations governing arms trading activities present special requirements for the employees, who carry out control for observing the safety rules at work with explosives and arms, as well as that, there are specific characteristics and traits which should be present for the warehouses and other premises where firearms and the ammunitions for them are stored (e.g. the latter should be kept in metal cases, firmly stuck, with secret locking devices, etc.). As well as that, the Bulgarian government has adopted lists of the different categories and types of explosives, pyrotechnic articles, firearms and ammunitions which can be legally exported to countries outside the EU. Last but not least, there are separate procedures for the acquisition of an ascertainment document which certifies that the company’s technical organization is in compliance with all the requirements mentioned above.

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