Human resources and recruitment services

Since its establishment Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm has developed a rich practice in the field of human resources, selection of personnel, protection of the rights and interests of employers and employees, management of people and processes in the complex employment relations.

We assist international and local employers and intermediaries on recruitment and management of personnel, as well as foreign and Bulgarian employees.

Upon provision of services, we take into account:

  • the high motivation of our clients to develop activities and their potential
  • legal framework and dynamics of the business
  • position of the client on a given market
  • particularities of the commercial and labor activity
  • specific obligations
  • rights and interests

The in-depth knowledge of the challenges HR poses is complemented by the extensive litigation experience of the Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm’s team.

We provide legal support to employers, intermediary companies and employees upon:

  • Preparation of all internal documents for the recruitment and management of staff
  • Establishment and management of intermediary companies upon recruitment of employees
  • Administrative procedures upon recruitment of foreign employees, acquisition of visas, work and residence permits for foreign employees
  • Secondment and posting of Bulgarian and foreign employees to Bulgaria, the European Union and third countries
  • Healthy and safe working conditions
  • Prevention and protection against discrimination, specific proceedings between employees and employers
  • Drafting personal data protection policies regarding the relations between employees and employers
  • Consultation on specific intellectual property, know-how and trade secret provisions
  • Building-up and implementation of bonus systems and other incentives for the personnel, investment in human resources development
  • Consultations on compulsory and voluntary insurance of employees
  • Legal representation and protection in labour, civil, administrative and administrative-criminal cases upon appeals of disciplinary dismissals and other terminations of employment agreements,
  • Claims for reinstatement at work, claims for unpaid salaries, bonuses, benefits and other outstanding obligations
  • Accidents at work
  • Realization of property liability, imposed regulations, fines and property sanctions, etc.

Our clients can rely on our competence, speed and confidentiality, our flexible approach to the problems and the effectiveness of the solutions suggested by us.

Our tax department provides legal advice on the specific taxation of employers, and corporate taxation, as well.

Thanks to our membership in Globalaw, our clients can count on our contacts with legal offices in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as firms in more than 80 countries worldwide.