Acquisition of a company in the IT sector


Our client Inetum acquired the Bulgarian company Do It Wise Bulgaria.

Inetum, one of the largest French IT companies (EUR 2.2 billion revenue in 2021), provides various IT services, including business solutions, low-code applications, chatbots, etc. In this case, the Bulgarian company is of interest to the French giant because of its core business as a major integrator of the products of the US cloud-based business solutions platform ServiceNow. “With this acquisition, Inetum expands its capabilities to support the ServiceNow platform, offering its customers better expertise and proven operational capacity – says Vincent Rouet, CEO of Inetum Group.

Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Worked on the Bulgarian aspects of the transaction – legal due diligence of Do It Wise Bulgaria, SPA and valid transfer of ownership.

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