Media Expertise


Since January 2014 the Law Firm has provided a Movie and TV Producer with wide range of legal services regarding the productions and business deal of the client with various TV channels and distributors. Part of the agreements which we drafted concerned adjustment of payments between several co-producers and re-arrangements of copyrights and other rights between the parties.

BWSP Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm was also assigned the settlement of the relation between of a very famous Bulgarian film producer and the Bulgarian National Television. The settlement was regarding crime TV series. Part of the negotiations concerned the rearrangement of commercial relations with respect to the trademark and the subsequent distribution of the series abroad, adaptations, remakes, etc., and the respective rights.

Further experience includes: Advising on production agreements amounting to EUR 800,000.00 and on advertisement agreements amounting to EUR 130,000.00.

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