Organizing on-line shops from legal point of view, privacy policy, data protection issues


A number of clients approached us with a request to receive a full package service related to the launch of new online shops for sale of food supplements, clothes, etc. We usually start with evaluation of the client’s needs and goals for the online shop. The first stage was the registration of the clients as data controller with the Bulgarian Data Protection Commission. The legal team lead by our associate Donika Ilieva drafted the required internal data protection policies for the client. She consulted the client on the details of the collection of personal data for online shop operations.

After detailed review of the online selling platform and the online means of payment, Donika Ilieva drafts terms of use of the online shop and specific privacy policy for the web-site users. She participated actively in the process of modifying the last version of the platform in order each of the set steps for purchase to be compliant to the EU standards. We took active part in consulting the client during the process of establishing online payment method on the web-site.

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