Unfair competition against wine producer


In the end of 2016 Trastena Ltd, the most successful fruit wine producer in Bulgaria and a year-long client of Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm, received disturbing information about the unfair competition practices of one of their competitors. The legal team assigned to the case immediately started gathering data, which would later be used to support the claim before the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (“CPC”). By contacting the authorities who control the wine sector, we managed to get hold of evidence about significant violations of the competitor in the production process of its products, such as use of forbidden artificial aroma additives and sweeteners. The costs for production in the market of biologically produced beverages are generally high as only natural substances are allowed. For that reason, the use of artificially developed substances created an unfair advantage to our client’s competitors as it lowered their production costs and at the same time led to misinformation of the consumers about the nature and quality of the products.

With the evidence gathered, the legal team submitted an official claim before the CPC with request for investigation, which is currently ongoing.

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