Pharmaceuticals and Medical Law

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are among the most complex and challenging industries which require thorough knowledge of the possible hindrances in a case. The legal and economic issues that face these sectors have become more complex and sophisticated as a consequence of the increased global trade and government budget financing. Our legal team provides litigation experience, negotiation skills, and exemplary knowledge of the applicable national and European legislation with the respect to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food supplements. We provide:

  • Representation of insurance companies, care facilities, workers, and companies in regulatory matters involving administrative agencies
  • Advising on provisions related to manufacturing, importing, exporting, labelling and distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • Advising on licensing, inspection and control of medical facilities
  • Full spectrum of legal services relating to the regulatory approval, manufacturing, distribution and IP rights of medical devices
  • Legal advice on pharmaceutical trial preparation, manufacture and supply agreements, distribution agreements, regulatory services, pharmaceutical trademarks, pharmaceutical reimbursement and pricing
  • Extensive legal care in providing your business with all licenses necessary for food supplements import, export and distribution.
  • Consulting on matters regarding registration of industrial designs of medical devices and food packing of food supplements and medications.

The Tax Department provides advice on double tax treaties, VAT and corporate tax as well as representation before the National Revenue Agency and the respective courts in litigation cases.

Throughout our participation in Globalaw our clients may rely on our connection with law firms in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in over 80 countries worldwide.