Market Entry of a New Importer and Trader of Quality Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Healthcare and Sport Supports


The Law Firm was appointed as a leading legal adviser of a newly established business in Bulgaria. We provided legal serviced for establishment of a local legal entity and its registration with the Bulgarian Commercial Register. Because of the specific nature of the scope of activities of the newly formed company an issuance of a permit by the relevant state body was needed. We advised and drafted all legal documents regarding the obtainment of a permit for the wholesale of medical devices. The wholesalers are registered with the Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA). We took into account and considered a number of laws and ordinances. We advised our client and drafted a lease agreement as the lease itself is an important part of the wholesale permit, we took into consideration the fact that the rented shop must correspond with the storage requirements regarding the medical devices and the transport used must also correspond with the storage requirements. We advised our client while considering the right sequence of the steps that need to be taken, as well as the right timeframe in which the steps regarding the procedure should be taken in order to avoid amendments of the wholesale permit procedure, reducing the time necessary for obtaining the exact permit that our client requires, the whole procedure itself lasting approximately 30 days. As a result there now are a new importer and trader of quality orthopedics, rehabilitation, healthcare and sport supports as well as walking sticks, anatomic shoes, and other OTC products in the Bulgarian market.

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