Introduction of International Clients in Bulgarian Market


Aspen Europe Bulgaria Branch Ltd.

Due to our involvement with Globalaw in January 2014 BWSP Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm started advising and assisted the Bulgarian branch of Aspen Europe GmbH in the establishment of its business activity in Bulgaria. We studied their ethical standards and human rights undertakings, as well as the code of conduct for suppliers and service providers while considering Bulgaria’s labour legislation in order to adapt them to local legislation if required.

We drafted the branch’s Internal Rules and Regulations in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation. We also studied and considered other documents with Bulgaria’s labour legislation, including their Secrecy Undertaking, Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Declaration, Conflicts of Interest Policy and their Code of Practice for Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Organisations and Patient Groups. We assisted the client in the process of drafting and registration of the labour agreement of its employee and its registration with the National Revenue Agency in the close cooperation of the payroll agent of the company.

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