EUR 700 000 financing of a M&A deal


As part of the on-going M&A deal for the new aluminium casting factory of Alu-Light Technology in Pleven, the Buyer executed a transaction in the amount of EUR 700 000 in order part of the machines required for the production process to be purchased.

The challenge in the case was how the conditions for removal of the pledge. We advised the client on removal of pledges clauses in the pledge agreement.  Even more to correspont to the share-purchase and shareholders agreements. This helped the ongoing at the time negotiations between the parties.

In short term, we managed to draft the special pledge agreement and register it with the Special pledge register. Our swift response to the issue guaranteed the good environment so much needed for completion of the deal.

This financing was crucial for the future development of the aluminium factory. We expected to start the pledge removal procedure due to the full payment of the liabilities of our client.

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