Project development of 75 MWp Solar Plant


In a year of substantial changes in the attitudes towards healthy life and climate change out team was entrusted to assist one of the future leaders in the field of renewable energy. Our client decided to develop a project for a photovoltaic plant in Bulgaria with an estimated 75 MWp capacity. Another investor had commenced the procedures for such a project ten years ago, but the project was abandoned. However, in order to develop this project our client had to initiate the procedures from the very beginning, try to avoid the mistakes made before and resolve several additional issues. Therefore, our work required a thorough research about the proposed site, its status, all encumbrances and changes which have been made ever since the abandonment of the previous project. We drafted a due diligence report about the project and advised our client on the procedures to be started, as well as all rights in rem which have to be established or terminated. Our team assisted the client with the termination of the Agricultural Lease Agreements concluded for the site and we are currently working on the termination and the deletion of the rights of the previous investor from the Real Estate Register.

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