Energy & Natural Resources Law

Our experts provide legal services as per all regulatory requirements, including technical and tax issues and licensing which could arise during the investment process in energy.

Our legal advice are focused on securing of long term corporate participation of foreign and Bulgarian entities in the fast growing sector of renewable energy sector, including joint ventures between foreign investors and Bulgarian companies for development and exploitation of these sources. Our understanding of the sectors features, characteristics and development perspectives allows us to draw lasting strategies for establishment and operations of such projects. In addition, based on our in-depth knowledge of the sector legislative frame we provide complex advice on possible environmental and commercial aspects of energy projects.In the field of renewable energy recently we provided full legal coordination and representation on sale-purchase and development and construction of renewable energy projects, including but not limited to photovoltaic power plants, wind parks, we established number of preliminary legal due diligence and advice on the purchase of projects for production of renewable energy form bio mass. We provided to our clients professional legal services related to preparation and structuring, financing and realisation of renewable energy projects. Some of the services provided by as are:

  • Legal due diligence of projects for development of renewable energy projects, advice on sale and purchase of such projects;
  • Consulting in all phases of realisation of projects for renewable energy;
  • Consulting in financing of such projects and utilisation of the financing;
  • Advice and representation in relation of connection to the grid and agreements for purchase of renewable energy;
  • Drafting and financing of EPC Contracts, supervision agreements etc.