Public Procurement for treatment and disposal of POPs pesticides, hazardous waste. Legal advice and assistance


Ilieva, Voutcheva, and Co. Law Firm advised a long-term client and its international partners, on an open public procurement procedure regarding the repacking, transportation, final disposal and cleaning of the warehouses storing POPs pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other crop protection products.

Our role was to guide the client in the complex requirements of the procedure and the applicable legislation to the above activities. We assisted the client in gathering all required documentation, as per the requirements of the public procurement. Our team assisted the client in obtaining all relevant certificates and licenses, as dealing with hazardous waste is accompanied with strict requirements. The total value of the public procurement was EUR 16 000 000.

We prepared all the ESPD’s and the offer package itself. The client was awarded 3 LOTs.

Afterwards our team was responsible for advising and drafting of the agreements for rent of vehicles for the waste transportation and warehouses required to execute the works under the public procurement.

We are currently consulting our client in the execution of the public procurement, including issuing of work permits for its Macedonian workers.

Ilieva, Voutcheva and Co. Law Firm is assisting the client in his efforts to change the facility for treatment of waste under the public procurement agreement, which requires complex and extensive knowledge of the applicable legislation.

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