Social Networks Study


In February 2014, the Law Firm was contacted by Mr. Paul Lambert who is preparing a new book entitled, Social Networking: International Law and Policy partly with regards to Social Networking under Bulgarian law. A team led by Ms. Rossitsa Voutcheva, Partner answered an extensive questionnaire on the existence and applicability of national legislation related to Social Networking issues. Ms. Rossitsa Voutcheva was supported by Ms. Donika Ilieva, Associate and ICT law specialist, and Mr. Teodor Milev, legal trainee.

The team researched and systematize Bulgarian legislation and court practice both in civil and criminal aspects. The research was a good opportunity to make an overall evaluation of the existing legislation and to point out the lack of specific provisions regarding Social Networking and related matters. We discussed IP matters, admission of evidence form social networks, online abuse/online bullying/cyberbullying laws, rules specific to children and SN, cases involving SN and employees/employment e.g. employee use of SN, rules or laws in relation to bans or restrictions on the use or of access to the internet and or SN e.g. court orders restricting convicted (or charged) persons prosecuted for hacking, child porn, laws relating to identity theft, laws relating to hacking, examples of, controversies or cases in relation to privacy, data protection and SN, examples of, controversies or cases in relation to sports persons, sports clubs and SN, etc.

We provided our answers in April 2014 and we are looking forward for the book publishing.

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