Acquiring Four Hotels: A Tale of Resilience and Expertise


Buying four hotels is no simple task—it’s like purchasing one but multiplied by four times the effort, resilience, and unwavering commitment to success. We recently guided an investor through a partial management buyout in the acquisition of a beloved hotel chain in Bulgaria, demonstrating our dedication to getting the job done.

Our journey began with a comprehensive corporate and legal due diligence process, covering areas such as corporate affairs, real estate, tax, labor law, AML compliance, GDPR, and the commercial aspects of the business. Additionally, we navigated the intricacies of competition clearance, including the essential notification to local antitrust authorities.

Of particular interest was our assessment of potential risks stemming from the company’s non-compliance issues. Our team was instrumental in drafting and negotiating various agreements, including the share purchase agreement, shareholders’ agreement, and a management contract for the new CEO. We supported our client throughout the conditions precedent process, successfully sealing the deal. And our work didn’t stop there; we continue to collaborate with the new owner, ensuring a prosperous future for this hotel chain.

For unparalleled expertise in acquisitions, reach out to us. We’re here to make your ambitions a reality.

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