Acquisition of а Company to the Value of EUR 1 mln.


The Law Firm advised and executed due diligence as well as drafted all documents for the acquisition of an investment silo development project.

The project is subject to financing by the European Funds. The acquisition process included amongst other complete check up of the legal status of the company which owned the project, negotiations with the seller as well as negotiations with the company’s financing bank and ensuring of bridge financing for the project, drafting and closing the necessary documentation was inseparable part of the engagement. The consultation process was divided on two main stages due diligence of the company purchased and acquisition of the company.

Due diligence. The due diligence of the company consisted of not only review and check of the legal status of the company and its assets but also a full check and review of any contracts, permissions and other documents and actions related to the project development procedures. In details the due diligence of the project development procedures included check of the title rights over the land, procedure for approval of Detailed Zone Plan and issuance of Construction Permit, procedure for land type change and intended usage, procedure for obtaining of environmental permission, grid connection procedure as well as other mandatory requirements. This stage was completed with drafting of a complete Due Diligence Report.

Legal actions for acquisition of the company included but were not limited to drafting and negotiating SPA, Escrow Account Agreement and any and all related documentation necessary for the acquisition.

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