Acquisition of real estate by means of acquisitive prescription


The Law Firm was engaged by an individual client regarding a real estate case in one of the prestigious suburbs of Sofia. The issue is that the client did not have a formal ownership deed over the real estate plot she has had ever since the 1960’s. The right of usage but not the ownership over the land plot was assigned then to the client by the governmental authorities in the past. Our engagement scope included drafting of a legal statement for the possible ways for successful legal appropriation by means of acquisitive prescription of the land plot, review of multiple statues related to acquisitive prescription of farm land plots, communication with state and municipal authorities, notaries and the Bulgarian Geodesy Agency. Our legal team has currently applied acquisitive prescription of the land plot and is in the process of issuance of a notary deed on behalf of the client. Still, if the governmental authorities refuse to issue the notary deed, our legal team is already prepared to initiate a court case against Sofia Municipality and/or the vindicated owners of the land plot.

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