Acquisition of Real Estate on the Grounds of Statutory Limitation Expired and Related Litigation Due to a Challenge from Third Parties Claiming ownership rights


The case is mentioned because of its legal complexity and not due to the value. The Law Firm was approached by a private client with the request to review the title ownership rights he has over a land plot located in one of the prestigious Sofia suburbs. The main issue encountered was the fact that due to some defects during acquisition of the land plot the owner does not have title documents and respectively rights over a major by its importance part of the plot, namely the front part of the plot neighbouring with the street and being the entrance of the whole property.

Using the possibilities of Bulgaria legislation in force the Law Firm advised the client to claim ownership based on statutory limitation period of holding the property for more than 10 years where the latter had been expired at that time. This first step included representation of the client before the Municipal authorities as per the location of the real estate, completion of the application to be submitted with the notary public and accompanying documentation, drafting of notary deed.

Due to a challenge of the application above of third parties that claimed to be the actual owners the Law Firm established a court case in favour of the client with view to defend his rights in court.

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