Court Appeal against Refusals of Bulgarian Accreditation Service for Issuance of Accreditation Certificates


In the end of 2012 the Law Firm and its lawyers Mrs. Diliana Ilieva, Managing Partner and Mr. Anton Uzunov, Senior Associate, initiated several administrative procedures against the Executive Agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service (the Agency), i.e. the state accreditation and certification body. The administrative procedures were initiated against refusals of the state agency to issue accreditation certificates in full range as requested by the client. The refusals concern the range of accreditation certificates which are required for the technical certification laboratory of the client. An internal committee with the state agency confirmed the refusals. Later we submitted a court appeal against the refusals and currently expect the further development of the court case. It shall be noted that the legal dispute concerns application of internal and international legal acts in Bulgaria and in particular application of technical requirements, methods and rules for technical certification laboratories which is quite rare as a legal precedent.

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