Court Cases for Debt Collection and Invalidation of Real Estate Deal of a Debtor


In 2012 the Law Firm and its lawyers Mrs. Rossitsa Voutcheva, Managing Partner and Mr. Anton Uzunov, Senior Associate, initiated and led two court cases for the client in two different courts in Bulgaria. The two court claims were connected with one receivable of the client. The first court claim concerned payment of the debt to the client. The purpose of the second court claim was to proclaim as relatively void towards the client the sale of real estates by the debtors in order to return the debtors’ property in their possession and in this way to increase the assets that might be available for debt collection in case of positive court resolution on the first case.

In the beginning of 2013 the court claim for contestation of the real estates’ transactions as void with relation to the creditor was won at the first instance court. Finally the debtors decided to pay the debt to our client due to their intensions to use the real estates subject to the court case for guarantee for another newly established credit facility.

The value of the case is about EUR 600,000.00.

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