Empowering Healthcare Innovation: The Smart Soft Healthcare Jsc. Success Story


We are proud to share our work for various aspects of Smart Soft Healtchare Jsc. business.

Smart Soft Healtchare Jsc. was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of Smart Soft – a leading developer of Data capture and Document classification based on the latest advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Smart Soft Healthcare is the developer of CoLumbo – the first MRI lumbar spine AI software. See more at https://columbo.me/

We worked on the spin off above by architecturing the restructuring and put it into practice through drafting the necessary documents and completing the procedures to register the new entity. We also were approached to assist in the company’s financing by a venture capital fund. The law firm consulted the client on convertible loan agreements during two rounds of investments as well as on multiple investment agreements signed with the said venture capital funds.

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