Ilieva, Voutcheva and Co. provided legal services to CEZ Electro Bulgaria Jsc. and to BICA International Ltd. regarding their participation in an EU project for the improvement of households’ energy efficiency.


The project is named C-Reloaded and is managed by BICA, in partnership with five European universities, renowned in the energy and IT sphere, which universities can provide valuable and up-to-date know-how to CEZ. These are the Imperial College London, the Technology Institute of Karlsruhe, the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, the University of Trento and the Delft Technical University.

The project received a significant support from reputable representatives of business, academic and public institutions in Bulgaria.

Our team’s task was to assess the risk that the participating companies take on by taking part in the project; as well as that, we had to decode the basic obligations of both parties. This task demanded our in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the implementation of different European directives. We had to take into account the different legal aspects of the project – international, commercial, regional and European.

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