Real estate development project in Sofia


The client desired to acquire several land plots in Sofia. The aim was the construction of a real estate development project of high-end buildings in a prominent Sofia neighbourhood. We advised on corporate, real estate and tax matters. The negotiation of mutually satisfying terms in the shareholders agreement was a main topic. The paties negotiated the investment of EUR 5 000 000 in the next few years.

During our engagement we finalized and advised on an investment company incorporation, land plot regulation, 10 due diligence of the real estates, bank loan agreement, preliminary agreement between the owners and our client and all matters that arose during the project development.

In the beginning of 2019, we got the required construction permits for the two projects. Next, the client required our assistance on various matters, including the construction agreement, opinion on the bank loan agreement, the share-pledge agreement and  full legal support in the procedure for securitization of the loan.

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