Establishment of legality of a real estate trough the procedure for tolerance


In the end of 2016, we were contacted by several co-owners of a land plot and a house in Sofia who desired to sell their property to a third party. Our tasks included partition of the land plot so that half of it could become a sole property of one of the co-owners, issuance of deed of tolerance by the competent state authorities and sale-purchase of the property. The case had numerous real estate issues related to the co-ownership of the land plot and the several deals which were executed throughout the past decades. Our legal team participated in the procedure оf amending the cadastral map by communicating with the Agency of Geodesy and the Cadaster. Our lawyers managed to collect all necessary documents in order the two deals to be concluded as we took our clients through every step of the process. The case was challenging because of the absence of trust between the two parties. In short period, we managed to earn their trust and protect their interests in the best way possible.

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