Legal Assistance for Renewal of Blue Card of the EU


In April 2021 a long-term client of ours decided to continue the labour agreement with a highly qualified foreign worker. Since we have already assisted our client in the process of initial issuance of a Blue Card of the EU on behalf of the same employee, we assisted for the renewal procedure, as well. We drafted all specific documents for the extension of the term of the Blue Card of the EU, including an annex to the labour agreement which enters into force under the condition that the term of residence permitted to the employee is extended. Our team structured and communicated the whole process of obtaining of the permit with the employer, on one side, the employee, and the competent authorities on the other side. As a part of the project, we have consulted the employee on the prospects of tax residence in Bulgaria during previous residence permit term. The project comprised of legal advice on labour, residence, and lease matters. Thus, our team successfully initiated and conducted the first procedure in Bulgaria for EU Blue Card acquisition under the new procedural regime into force as of June, 2021.

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