NDA drafting for the purposes of company’s management


In the beginning of 2017 one of the leading PR agencies in Bulgaria hired Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co Law Firm to deal with a case related to its privacy policies. Due to a recent experience involving one of its employees blackmailing the company, the company wanted to sign a non-disclosure agreement with its employees. The aforementioned employee spread fraudulent information regarding the Company and its Managing Director to third parties and governmental authorities. Our team built a standpoint related to the clauses of such agreement with the due care of the agreement to withhold in court. The established court practice of the Supreme Court on non-disclosure clauses included in labour agreements pose difficulties as it defined whether the court would be more likely to decide to limit the right of labour as defined in the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria. By finding a long-term solution of their problem, we brought significant satisfaction to our client.

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