On-going legal assistance on various commercial and employment issues


The client operates on the market of IT consultancy services and development and distribution of software products. In January 2021, the company approached the Law Firm with various issues of crucial importance for the client’s day-to-day business operations mainly in the area of labour and competition law.

Our work included provision of complete legal assistance regarding major changes of the company’s management starting from initial advice to final registration with the Commercial Registrar, provision of legal support in certain complicated business and employment cases, revision and drafting of essential set of employment, services and non-disclosure agreements, drafting of letters, registration of amendments in the company’s ultimate beneficial owner, etc.

We successfully assisted the company and represented it with the Employment Agency during the procedure on permit for access to the labour market as part of the procedure for the extension of an employee’s EU Blue card. We assisted and represented the employee and his family with the Migration Directorate till the completion of the EU Blue card and other relevant procedures.

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