Residential Real Estate Development Project


In May 2017 Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co. Law Firm was engaged by foreign client regarding a real estate development project in Sofia, Bulgaria. The client desires to purchase a land plot in order to build two luxury buildings in one of the most prominent regions of the capital. The scope of our engagement includes the investment company incorporation, legal advice on matters related to the land plot regulation, due diligence of the real estate, advise on the bank loan agreement, conclusion of the preliminary agreement between the client and every future investor as well as legal advice on all matters that may arise during the project development. So far we incorporated the investment company and completed the due diligence of the land plot. It is expected the final deal with the owners of the land plot to be concluded within August 2017 and our client to start construction of the buildings until the end of the year.

Further real estate projects are expected to be developed by the same client in the near future.

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