Bulgarian Biomass Association Appointed us for its Legal Representative in a Court Dispute with State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation


In the beginning of July 2013 the Law Firm was requested to initiate a court procedure against resolution of State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (The Commission). The client is Bulgarian Biomass Association i.e. is a non-profit association for protection of the interests of biomass energy projects in Bulgaria. The resolution of the Commission has provided zero capacities for the biggest part of the renewable energy projects to be connected to the grid for the period 1st of July 2013 – 30th of June 2014. Practically, the resolution prohibits grid connection of any wind energy, solar and biomass energy projects for one year excluding some small projects with capacity up to 1.5 MW depending on the type of the project. The Law Firm’s lawyers submitted an appealing request before the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court. Currently, the court hearing is expected to be scheduled.

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