Client Defense against the State won after nine years


In February 2017 Ilieva, Voutcheva and Co Law Firm represented its client in the cassation procedure before the Supreme Court of Cassation. The client was summoned as a third party to assist in the trial since the State Agency of Agriculture filed the initial claim against a private company formerly owned by our client. At the same time, the State was trying to engage his liability as an individual. What makes this case stand out is that it shows the malpractices of the Bulgarian government in distribution of EU funds. The Law Firm took over the defence of the client in all court instances and the client won the case on first and second instance. The Law Firm prepared and submitted the rebuttal of the cassation claim which was sent by the State Agency of Agriculture. Because of our efforts and flawlessly lead court case the Supreme Court issued an order that did not allow actual hearing of the case at this instance and revision of the resolution of the Sofia Court of Appeal. The latter means that in fact we won the case for more than four million euro after nine years of court battles.

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