Web-Site Use of General Terms and Conditions. Internet Law Regulations


In 2011 Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co Law Firm started consulting Easycom Solutions OOD in the field of on-line collective shopping and provided extend advice on a fast changing legal framework such as the internet law. The law firm drafted the Selecto.bg General Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy. We consulted the client on trade agreements with retailers supplying goods for collective shopping. The Law Firm gave advice on the case of sending unrequested commercial messages to an email list of individuals and legal entities for the purposes of popularizing the services on client’s web-site. Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co provided a legal statement based on Consumer Protection Act and the Electronic Commerce Act. We advised the client for the negative aspects of such practice and discussed amendments to the content of the message so it could be considered as non commercial. Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co consulted the client on a case concerning both competition and gambling regulations. We came up with a legal statement regarding the on-line tombola method that our client wanted to use.

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