Full-scope Legal Assistance for Granting of Anti-Covid Financial Aid


In March 2021 we provided legal assistance to our long-term client for participation in a state aid procedure under a retention program – “the 60/40 measure” for limitation of the negative economic consequences from the Covid-19 pandemic. By this measure the state aims to support employers by covering 60% of the salaries of the employees and part of the employer`s insurance contributions. We drafted all the documents which should be submitted with the Employment Agency, including the preparation of orders for provision of annual leave due to suspension of work (on behalf of our client as an employer). The complexity of the working process included legal and paralegal actions in the course of communication with the Employment Agency, its regional departments and other competent authorities. Also, we took active part in the process of negotiation between the employer and several employees whose suspension from work had to be withdrawn. Finally, our client has been approved for the state aid requested for three months. The matter is still on-going as for granting financial support for two more months, but there are very good chances that our client would be provided the aid since all the new requirements are met.

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