Company separation as a means of corporate restructuring


Our client owns lands designated for the development of several projects for renewable energy. While attracting equity investors and respectively preparation of the company for sale we advised the client to undertake a corporate restructuring.

Ilieva, Voutcheva and Co. Law Firm was entrusted to provide the best solution for the aims of our client, i.e. to have a project company that owns only the assets related to one wind farms project development. The most efficient solution was a  corporate spin off.

We assisted the client with the preliminary corporate changes that had to be made before any of the restructuring procedures were initiated. Our team advised it on all legal and tax effects of the procedures to be carried out. We have already incorporated the new companies and submitted the necessary documents for the restructuring before the National Revenue Agency. Our team has prepared the transformation contract and managed the process for its announcement and subsequent registration of the spin off.

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